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Our Story

It all started in 1993 - out of love for Manuka honey, and a humble dream to make lives sweeter and healthier.

Our Honey

The secret of our Manuka Honey lies in its “Active Levels”, which measures the strength of antimicrobial activity in fighting bacteria.

Our Process

A lot of effort has been taken to nurture our Manuka Honey with utmost care and attention, preserving their pure and pristine condition from the beginning to the end.

New Zealand
Premium Manuka Honey

New Zealand Manuka Honey is the world’s most coveted honey, and its popularity is ever soaring up to this day. A gift of nature made only in New Zealand, Manuka honey is hailed as “liquid gold”, created by the symbiotic relationship between the bees and flowers.

Oregan™ Active Manuka Honey

BodyScience™ MGO Manuka Honey

When it's Oregan™, it's trusted.

That same passion and pioneering spirit have kept the brand innovative for more than 28 years. Today, we are known as the purveyor of fresh natural Manuka honey.