Hive to Home

Our Bees

Nowhere in the world is there anything comparable with the diligence of nectar gatherers. Inside each beehive is an incredible team of bees fuelled with extraordinary passion and energy.

This is the type of busy business that we are running. Rain or shine, we manage colonies of industrious pollinators to bring the purest honey from the flowers of the Manuka bush to your home.

As Manuka flowers have short blooming window, our worker bees only have few weeks to collect the nectar and create the honey yield for the entire year. It takes our bees around 22,000 individual trips, to and fro the Manuka flowers to gather enough nectar for a (500g) jar of pure Manuka Honey. Thus to us, each jar is deemed a powerful elixir to be treasured.

Our hives are sustainably grown in the wild – being far away from pesticides, herbicides and human contact allows our industrious creatures to live in harmony with the pristine environment. We dedicate resources to make sure our bees are properly attended to, simply because what is good for you must be good for our bees too.

Our Beekeepers

Bees are our beekeepers’ inspiration and hives are their happiest place to be. Our honey is put together by our most experienced beekeeping team in New Zealand. It takes a skillful hand not just in removing the honeycombs from the hives, but also in locating the hives itself through the resilient and dense Manuka bush situated in the rugged terrain and mountain ranges.

The Manuka flowers only bloom for few weeks per year in mid-December. As a result, our beekeepers have to work around the clock in the very small bloom window to collect the pure nectar flow. Besides the delicacy of the Manuka flower, the short period of time it blooms and and the remote places it grows, climate extremes can be a challenge to our beekeepers too. Handling Manuka Flowers require much patience and prudence, as they are susceptible to even the slightest variations in rainfall and wind.

Our Drive Comes From The Hive

Upon fetching the honey from the hives and extracting from the honeycomb, our team place the honey into drums. Main samples are sent to independent laboratories for rigorous testing so that results are not biased in terms of quality. Retaining the purity, we then send the honey to our manufacturer to be processed, before being packaged in jars and induction-sealed to ensure freshness.

We do not compromise our integrity and dedication towards our customers. We trust that doing things the right way – for you, our people, our bees and our planet – is the way to create a better tomorrow.

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